Balearic Islands 

More and more tourists are attracted each year to Spain with its natural and historical attractions. Spain also owns a group of islands in the western Mediterranean, which has become popular as the best region for yachting in Spain. The archipelago consists of four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, with a variety of smaller islands. The Balearic Islands captivate your heart with their crystal-clear water, rocky shores and snow-white beaches. All in all, there are 61 bays and around 20,000 anchorages on the Balearic Islands and 550 sea miles of the varied coastline of the four big islands offer solutions for any kind of yacht vacation!

Each of the four Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera - has its own unique character and each of them offers a variety of emotions and unforgettable impressions!


It is the largest of the islands housing the capital of the Region - Palma, famous for its majestic Gothic cathedral domineering over the ocean of masts swaying to the music of the waves in the numerous marines. The island offers wonderful beaches and splendid routes for mountain walks with spectacular views.


The island of Ibiza offers a beautiful contrast between the islands remote coastal walks, hidden coves, snow sandy beaches and dense pine forests to the thriving nightclub and dance scene which attracts leading DJ's and bands from around the world to perform at the many well known and legendary nightclubs and bars on the island.


It is the kingdom of peace and calm, a blend of divine quiet beaches and rocky bays where you can hide to get away from the noise and the busy life of the islands among the ruins of the Stone Age.


The island of the happy-go-lucky who after contemplating sunsets on the beach goes to have fun at beach parties. In this paradise of the sea and white sand many Europeans spend the whole summer getting out of touch with reality and losing the sense of time.

Balearic yacht charter itinerary

Day 1: Palma

Palma de Mallorca offers the ideal starting point for a cruise. The city's population is half of the Balearic island's total population, making Palma de Mallorca also the supply center of the island.

The best place to view Palma is looking up from the waterfront, with the cathedral and Almudaina Palace soaring proudly above the defensive walls of the old city.

Day 2: Palma-Cala Pi 

Cala Pi has a lovely beach and clear, calm turquoise waters that is suitable for swimming and snorkeling and for children. There is a beach bar, restaurants in the area plus a small supermarket and a pharmacy. Centuries ago, pirates were a problem in this area, and the remnants of a medieval watchtower still remain. This is a very popular anchoragein a very narrow cove. If wind or weather conditions are too rough, we can continue on to the port of Sa Rapito (approximately 3 nm to the east) where there is a marina.

Day 3: Cala Pi-Colonia Sant Jordi 

Colonia is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, including Es Carbo, frequented by the Spanish royal family. 

Day 4: Colonia Sant Jordi-Cala Figuera 

Cala Figueras has a unique charm and known to the locals as "Little Venice,"

In Cala Figueras you can go back to a time when there was no rushing, it's a simple fishing village. Nearby is one of the largest caves in the world with an underground lake, Cuevas del Drach which is definitely worth a visit.  

Day 5: Cala Figuera-Colonia Sant Jordi- Port Sa Rapita 

On the turn trip from Cala Figuera, there are a number of small coves that may be accessible for anchorage in good weather. One is Calo des Moro, which has a sandy bottom and clear, turquoise water and a nice, small beach. However, there are no services available here, just a nice place to swim and snorkel. 

Day 6: Port Sa Rapita-Palma 

On the return trip to Palma, you'll see the beautiful, steep cliffs of Cap Blanc with its lighthouse. Much of the coastline in this area is protected and has not fallen prey to development. Rocky inlets and secluded coves dot the landscape. Calo des Cap d'Alt and Cala de Cap Falco are two good examples. Both offer crystal clear waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 7: Palma 

Today is the last day of your yachting holiday on Nirvana. If you did not have enough time to visit Palma when you arrived and if you can afford some time in town before departing home, stroll around Palma or stay for lunch or dinner

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