Nirvana chartering rates - Boat and Skipper

( EUR )

6th January 2021 / 28th April 2021

3 days Week end - 5 700 €

7 days - 11 500 €

10 days - 15 000 €

23rd June 2021 / 8th September 2021

3 days Week end - 5 700 €

7 days - 11 500 €

10 days - 15 000 €

15th December 2020 / 5th January 2021

3 days Week end - 

7 days - 13 800 €

10 days - 18 000 €

28th April 2021 / 23rd June 2021

3 days Week end - 3 990 €

7 days - 8 050 €

10 days - 10 500 €

8th September 2020 / 15th December 2020

3 days Week end - 3 990 €

7 days - 8 050 €

10 days - 10 500 €

5th January 2021 / 13th April 2021

3 days Week end - 3 700 €

7 days - 7 500 €

10 days - 10 000 €

As some customer prefer not boarding an hostess, Rates defined include systematically boat rental and skipper, hostess (Lucie's boarding) is optional, cost is 150 eur/day 

For any 2 weeks or more charter a 15% discount will be applied on the total rate.

An advance provisioning allowance (APA) equivalent to approximately
20% of the weekly rate will be charged in addition to the weekly rate to cover the operating expenses of the charter such as fuel, food, port fees, harbour dues, customs, water and electricity, personal laundry, all provisions, wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and consumables for your party.

You're welcome to view the APA tally onboard at any time and when your cruise comes to an end, the captain will work out if you owe us, or if we owe you!

Price includes

All Prices Include Insurance, Captain.

Price does not include

Hostess has been defined as an option, at a fixed cost of 150 eur/day.

VAT is not included and dependent on the country or departure and arrival, usually 10% in metropolitan France and Corsica, exempt in most of Caribbeans.

Tips are not included.

A refundable security deposit of 3,000 USD/EUR can be requested (when no APA is included in the contract).


Yacht details are displayed in good faith and believed to be correct but are not guaranteed. Details to be confirmed by our Yacht Charter Specialists during booking process. All information are subject to change without notice. Yacht charter prices are for a one-week charter or per day. Exact pricing and/ or any other detail will be confirmed in charter contract.

Any applicable taxes are extra.

We use MYBA (The Worldwide Yachting Association) type agreements that are produced to standardize charter terms and protect the Charterer ( You) , the Owner, and the eventual intermediates. It has standard protections and escalation clauses in case any problems arise. Once you have signed a MYBA type charter contract, you are obligated to pay the entire charter regardless you actually board the yacht and the owner has the obligation to provide the yacht or a substitution yacht.

In exceptional cases, you may be able to cancel, but monies will be refunded only if the yacht can be chartered to another client.

Charter fee is paid in two rates ; 50% of charter fee when the charter contract is signed and 50 % 4 weeks before charter commencement. Extra expenses (fuel, marinas, flowers, provisioning, etc ...) are charged with Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). APA is usually 20 % of total charter fee and also depending on your itinerary, food, beverages etc. Captain will keep accurate records of funds spent during your charter and at the end of the charter, you will be refunded the difference, or you will be asked to pay more during the cruise if further running costs are incurred.