St. Martin, St. Barth, Anguilla St. Martin

This charmingly peaceful dual island nation is divided in the middle, the north is French and the south is Dutch. It offers one of the largest Caribbean hubs in terms of air service. Enjoy amazing beaches including some secluded secrets, duty-free shopping, award winning restaurants, exciting scuba dive sites, rainforests, hiking opportunities, horseback riding etc.

St. Barth

St. Barth is known for its pristine "white-sugar" sand beaches. All are public, and each has a distinct personality. The ambience ranges from secluded and romantic to those filled with families indulging in water sports and "the beautiful people" populating the toes-in-the-sand beach bars.

St. Barth's, a fabulous mix of chic and trendy luxury beyond belief. Enchanting beaches with turtles, rays and dolphins. It's simply paradise!


Incredible Anguilla, tucked away and embraced by unrivaled exquisite beaches, turquoise seas and low key elegance. Those who come here receive the embrace, holding the enchantment of this magnificent island close to their hearts.... not to mention whales enjoying the northern plateau as a feeding and resting shelter, delighting us with their seasonal appearances.

All 3 islands have beautiful beaches, interesting and colorful communities, and fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving - the anchorages are invariably less crowded than those of the BVI and the passages between the islands are relatively short but give a taste of true offshore trade-wind sailing.

St. Martin, St. Barth, Anguilla yacht charter

Day 1

Your first evening we can spend at anchor in the beautiful bay just off the small French town of Marigot where there'll be time in the morning to have a trip ashore for a quick look round the market and shops and have a coffee and fresh croissant on the board . 

Day 2

In the morning a short sail north along the west coast of the island takes us to the Grand Case Bay. There's great snorkeling or scuba diving off Roche Creole and the village is well worth a trip ashore. One evening a week this sleepy little village comes alive with music and barbecued food is served along the street. 

Day 3

We set sail for St Barth, 15 miles takes us to the uninhabited island of Ile Fourche where we can spend the afternoon swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving - like many places of this area is a national marine park so the coral is undamaged and fish population protected and thriving. Alternatively you can explore this small island or simply laze on deck and admire the scenery.

After an overnight stay we can sail to St Barth to visit the main town of Gustavia, arguably the most picturesque port in the Caribbean, after which we move the short distance round to Anse de Colombier. This secluded bay is truly fabulous and is only accessible from the sea (or on foot over the mountains), it is also part of the national marine reserve. The bay has a perfect beach, crystal clear water with excellent snorkeling and scuba diving, in fact you are almost guaranteed to see turtles swimming in the bay.

Day 4

We leave Anse de Colombier for a sail back to St Martin. We stop for a swim at the offshore island of Tintamarre, before moving to our overnight anchorage at Anse Marcel. Tintamarre is an uninhabited island off the northern tip of St Martin. A nature reserve with fabulous beaches and underwater marine life, Tintamarre is also famous for its natural mud which is reputed to have dermatological benefits.

Day 5

We cross to Anguilla where we anchor in Road Bay. This laid back corner of the Caribbean is made for relaxing and with a couple of beach bars this quiet beach is the perfect place to simply lay back and enjoy. There are also a couple of excellent small restaurants along the beach.

Day 6

And its homeward bound back to St Martin, stopping for lunch and a swim in Sand island. It is one of many off-lying areas in Anguilla protected as a marine reserve and a good choice for an afternoon spent swimming or snorkelling.

Day 7

Sadly, even charters in paradise must come to an end and now you can start planning your next trip to the islands.

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