Sardinia to Corsica 

This special cruising area combines the flavors of Italy and France. If you are planning a charter to Corsica consider starting in Sardinia to take advantage of French and Italian flavors. You will inevitably find the experience deeply rewarding.Sardinia is a beautiful island. With its very special striking landscapes, history, food and culture, Sardinia is not typical Italian destination in that the climate is not as hot as the rest of the Mediterranean. Breezes 10 - 15 knots from the northwest make for some wonderful sailing.

The "Emerald Coast" in the North is famous for its gorgeous beaches, radiant blue water and rugged cliffs. This is an excellent base from which to explore the very famous La Maddalena island on the way up to the French island of Corsica.

Corsica (together with Italian Sardinia) offers some of the most pleasant cruising grounds in the western Mediterranean, especially with nearby Elba.

Elba, the largest and most popular island of the Tuscan Archipelago, is dotted with romantic and intimate fishing villages, ancient castles and fortresses, forested hillsides and secluded sandy beaches. In many aspects Elba is very much like Sardinia with superb diving opportunities in the crystal clear waters that lap at her shores, and although small in size the island has a lot to offer. This rustic paradise has managed to maintain its age old character littered with influences from all the Mediterranean civilizations over the centuries. Napoleon was exiled here in 1814. His bronze death mask can be seen in the church in Portoferraio.

Sardinia to Corsica yacht charter itinerary

Day 1: Olbia to Portisco

Olbia is the most desirable sailing destination in Sardinia. The name 'Olbia' means 'happy' and as a destination it can satisfy everyone who is passionate about sailing. Olbia has developed from a fishing village to the major tourist destination of Sardinia with superb transport links. Olbia offers the best connection between Sardinia and the Italian peninsula. It makes Oblia an accessible destination. Wherever you wish to go, Olbia is a great starting point for a cruise as it is placed close to many sailing destinations such as Corsica.

Day 2: Portisco to La Maddalena 

Portisco has the most beautiful beaches and bays of the Costa Smeralda.The beaches have fine white sand with rocky outcrops and are characterised by a shallow sandy bottom which makes it safe for children to swim.

Day 3: La Maddalena to Porto Cervo 

A wonderful island famed for its beaches, La Maddalena Island is a great destination on any itinerary. La Maddalena offers a little bit of something for everyone, whether you want to watch the world go by, take a dive amongst the amazing seabeds or shop for locally made coral necklaces. In the early evening you should take a stroll through the narrow streets to the main square of Piazza Umberto

Day 4: Porto Cervo to Bonifacio 

The town of Porto Cervo blooms with colorful flowers throwing their aroma in the air and exciting the metaphysical mind to dream beyond the realities.

Porto Cervo is today the symbol of the Costa Smeralda, of luxury tourism and VIPs, of trendy pubs, restaurants and yachts.

Day 5: Bonifacio to to Propriano 

It is the oldest town in Corsica rich with history.Bonifacio's Old Town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings. It has a beautiful scenic view and the houses are located on the cliff of the mountains which attract people attention and looks as though they are hanging to the cliff of the mountain.Most of the city can be visited by walk only.

Day 6: Propriano to Ajaccio 

Propriano is in the heart of the Gulf of Valinco. It is a heaven of peace with pretty marina and sandy beaches. Sadly, here we will enjoy our final dinner.

Day 7: Ajaccio 

Dependent upon your flight time and leisure time available on your last day, you can enjoy more time to explore the lovely town of Ajaccio. The town, as you'd expect, makes much of the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was born here, and a visit to the modest house where he was born is worth an hour of your time.

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